DJ Urbanovsky

Omaha : NE : USA



Full Custom order books are CLOSED at this time.

Professional Grade (midtech), spork, swag, and SHIIT Bag books are OPEN at this time.

You can tell which items are which because they will say either "FULL CUSTOM" or "PROFESSIONAL GRADE" at the top of each catalog page here on the site.

Please do not email me regarding the ordering of Full Customs. My crystal ball is broken and I am not able to predict what material costs will be in the future, so I am not providing pricing on full custom items at this time. Likewise, I cannot say when I will be re-opening the Full Custom books due to the size of the backlog and shop workflow, so please do not inquire about that.

If you already have a Full Custom order booked, you're good to go. All necessary materials to complete your order are on-hand, and I am actively working on your stuff.

Due to the sheer volume of phone calls, messages, and emails that I receive, as well as shop workflow and whether or not I am on the road or doing show prep, it can take me a little while to respond to your phone call or email. Please try your best to be patient with me so that I can provide you with the attention and personalized service that you deserve.

Please do NOT call or text me fifteen times in a day. I am a one man show, and I can either talk on the phone or make knives. I cannot do both. If you get voicemail, leave a message, because I am probably busy building stuff. Maybe even YOUR stuff.

Thank you for your patience, support, and cooperation, and stay safe.


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